About Iagnosis

We are a leader in online skin care, delivering intelligent medicine and innovative solutions for patients and providers.

We offer a market-proven, comprehensive teledermatology platform - DermatologistOnCall® - through which we can deliver safe, secure, and high-quality medical care to patients. 

For Providers:

Why Teledermatology?

Dermatology is ideal for online care - it's obviously highly visual, and dermatology training involves extensive reviews of images for diagnostic purposes. It is also a specialty area where doctor shortages pose significant access challenges for patients and therefore obstacles to care and favorable outcomes. Teledermatology allows providers and practices to service more patients without increasing their overhead costs.

Why Iagnosis for Teledermatology?

Founded by a practicing board-certified dermatologist, our approach most closely mimics a clinical in-office appointment. Online visits capture a patient's medical history, condition of present illness, photographs of condition, medication history, allergies, and many more vital pieces of information that help providers on our network render their best possible diagnosis and treatment plan. We provide features for e-prescribing, and for states where regulations require it, we include easy steps for conducting a video call to establish the physician-patient relationship. Providers on our network are confident they have a compliant, secure, and efficient platform for delivering quality patient care.

Improved Access for Your Patients

Online care increases access for motivated patients who want to be seen more quickly, while freeing up in-office visit times for patients who need more urgent care or in-person procedures. Whether your office has long appointment wait times or not, in-office visits mean scheduling and travel issues for patients. Teledermatology with Iagnosis means your patients gain greater convenience in receiving care from you. 

Greater ROI for Your Organization

What would be the benefit to you to shift a significant portion of visits involving straightforward, non-procedural cases (i.e. acne, rosacea, rashes, eczema) and follow-up checks to online appointments? By focusing a higher portion of your office and staff time on procedural cases, annual full-body examinations, and more complex cases, you'd have better economics for your practice!

You can expect to see significant returns on your investment with us over time. Our platform enables you to develop long-term relationships with new patients that you service online and to retain existing patients who are increasingly seeking these types of convenience services. You know the lifetime value of a patient to your practice...so do we. You don't want them to go elsewhere for this, do you? We help you grow ROI through teledermatology - without the need to increase staffing levels of overhead investments. 

Efficient Addition of teledermatology - Without the Time Sink

We understand that you may be concerned about how much time this will take. Your time is valuable, so we make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate teledermatology into your practice. We utilize a store-and-forward process, which means providers can review and respond to patient visits on their schedule rather than having to be "on demand" at certain times. And we make it easy to conduct video visits in states that require that step. 

In addition to training for you and your staff, some of our efficiency-driver features include customizable condition templates; e-prescribing; secure online messaging; specific workflows for mid-level involvement and procedural follow-up care; marketing guides and materials; and integration with certain EMRs. And you can access it 24/7 from your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. 

Superior Safety, Security & Compliance

Our platform maintains full HIPAA/HITECH-compliance and is completely confidential, enabling healthcare providers and patients to securely communicate at anyplace, anytime. We also comply with state-level regulations that govern e-prescribing and provider-patient relationship establishment.

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