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About Iagnosis

We are a leader in online skin care technology, delivering intelligent medicine and innovative solutions for patients and providers.




Dermatologic care today is extremely limited by low numbers of qualified physicians globally. Iagnosis® will provide direct access to qualified medical personnel for improved outcomes for skin disease.


Today, it takes significant time and effort to see qualified medical practitioners. Iagnosis® will provide medical care direct to patients using technology that is simple and available anytime, from anywhere.


Rising health care costs, especially for specialists, can be difficult to manage. Iagnosis® will provide expert care at reduced time and expense for the consumer.

Iagnosis® provides a full function, state of the art teledermatology solution that connects physicians and patients via the web. Our technology maintains full HIPAA compliance and is completely confidential enabling healthcare providers and patients to securely communicate at anyplace, anytime.



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