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How Teledermatology Fits Into Your Practice

On-demand Webinar, 2017
We know you’ve heard the chatter in the industry, and we’re guessing you’ve asked yourself, “Is it time for me to add teledermatology to my practice?” But, you’re not sure how it would fit into your practice or whether or not your patients would even use it. We invite you to watch an on-demand recording of this webinar designed to demonstrate How Teledermatology Can Fit Into Your Practice today and moving forward.

Telemedicine Ethics Guidelines

Whitepaper, 2016
In June 2016, the American Medical Association published a report titled “Ethical Practice in Telemedicine” through its Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA). In this whitepaper, our Founder and Chief Medical Officer Mark P. Seraly, MD provides an analysis of the DermatologistOnCall platform and reviews the alignment with these guidelines. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Teledermatology Evaluation

Guidebook, 2016
Researching teledermatology options does not need to be a complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming project. Whether you are in the early or later stages of researching or planning a teledermatology service, Iagnosis designed this practical guidebook for you.

Utilizing Mid-levels to Increase Your Practice's Profitability and Efficiency

Video, 2016
Each year, 60% of skin care visits are going to non-dermatologists. So what can dermatologists, who already have extended wait times for patients, do to combat this? Many have turned to mid-level providers to better keep up with patient demand.

Incorporating Telemedicine into Your Patient Lifecycle

Video, 2016
For over five years, our Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Mark P. Seraly, MD, has utilized online care to expand his practice and increase patient traffic into his office. How?Well the answer is simple. Dr. Seraly uses online care to reach patients that want.

Dr. Lally's Private Practice Improves Patient Access and Outcomes with Teledermatology

Case Study, 2016
Margaret S. Lally, MD has conducted nearly 200 online visits since joining the DermatologistOnCall network. This case study provides a look into her experience with teledermatology and its numerous benefits.

Telemedicine Applications and Innovation Considerations for Patients and Dermatologists

Whitepaper, 2016
Disruption can bring positive change in a consumer context. This paper reviews the trend towards healthcare consumerism, options for teledermatology and key obstacles to and opportunities for adoption.

Save Time and Earn Additional Revenue with Online Procedural Follow-up

Video, 2016
Routine procedural follow-up within the global period can be costly to your business. Your practice can now offer follow-up care online in a fraction of the time of a traditional in-office appointment, a savings for both you and your patient.

Do Teledermatology (Online) Visits Cannibalize In-office Visits?

Video, 2016
Many dermatologists fear that introducing virtual visits to their practice will take away from their in-office visit volume. But patients are looking outside the dermatologist office for care, so teledermatology can result in an increase in patients.

Time Management Equals Profitability

Video, 2015
A teledermatology platform will improve your practice's time management and office efficiency. See how in this short video with our Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Mark P. Seraly, MD.

Using the DermatologistOnCall Online Portal to Treat Patients

Video, 2014
Today, the entire world is mobile – from the way we communicate to the way we provide services, and healthcare is no exception. Using our secure, HIPAA-compliant dermatology platform which mirrors a typical in-office visit, you can start treating patients online and on your time while also ensuring the highest level of quality care.

Telehealth Position Statement

Statement, 2014
The position statement from Iagnosis, Inc, makers of DermatologistOnCall®, regarding telehealth and specifically teledermatology.


Position Statement on Teledermatology

Statement, 2014
The official position statement from the American Academy of Dermatology and the AAD Association regarding telemedicine and specifically teledermatology.

Customer Satisfaction Scores and Response Rates Soar for Teledermatology

Whitepaper, 2014
Telemedicine is expected to play an important role to help meet the demand for service and, according to the American Medical Association, is delivering a healthy 87% satisfaction rating. DermatologistOnCall, powered by Iagnosis, has managed to consistently deliver a 97% recommendation rating while garnering praise from both patients and physicians.

Virtual Health: A New Patient Management Service for Dermatologists

Whitepaper, 2014
A lack of specialized care provides a rare opportunity to transform the US health-care delivery system. Virtual health will be an increasingly important tool in delivering care. Dermatology is best positioned to benefit from this rapidly evolving delivery system, and dermatologists are best suited to take advantage of the virtual health boom.

Summary of the Status of Teledermatology Research

Research Paper, 2014
The intent of this document is to serve the disciplines of research, clinical care, administration, and health policy by providing a concise review of the current status of teledermatology research and a review of current evidence by content category that is of sufficient quality to arrive at reasonable conclusions as of the report date.

The Reliability of Teledermatology to Triage Inpatient Dermatology Consults

Research Paper, 2014
Many hospitals do not have inpatient dermatologic consultative services, and most have reduced availability of services during off-hours. Dermatologists based in outpatient settings can find it challenging to determine the urgency with which they need to evaluate inpatients when consultations are requested. Teledermatology may provide a valuable mechanism for dermatologists to triage inpatient consultations and increase efficiency, thereby expanding access to specialized care for hospitalized patients. 

Telemedicine Boosting Dermatology Care

Research paper, 2014
A study of nearly 1,500 patients who had teledermatology consultations shows improved clinical outcomes, with better diagnosis and disease management. Linking dermatologists to patients in remote areas through telemedicine gives patients more accurate diagnoses and better disease management than they would receive without access to a specialist, says a study in the January Archives of Dermatology.